Dr Ruth M Warwick

Personal Data

Ruth Warwick

Qualified in Medicine from Bristol University & has been Consultant Specialist in Tissue Services (TS) for the National Health Service Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) since 1993. Specialised in Haematology (Royal Free, Hillingdon & Hammersmith Hospitals) including bone marrow transplantation. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians MRCP 1977, FRCP 1997 & Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists MRCPath 1980, FRCPath 1992.

Medical/scientific background

Experience in patient facing aspects of bone marrow transplantation & donor facing aspects of blood transfusion, bone marrow, cord blood, tissue & embryonic stem cell donation. First Consultant post at Queen Charlottes/Hammersmith Hospital London in Transfusion of fetus, neonate & the pregnant woman.

Experiences/specialisation in cell & tissue banking other professional experience

Specialised in haemopoietic stem cell (1995 - 2004) & tissue donation (1995 – 2008) providing medical policies for these activities. The London Cord Blood Bank, LCBB (now NHS CBB) became one of the largest & most prestigious in the world. TS is the largest multi-tissue bank in the UK & provides all of the UK's allograft skin, 50% of its bone & many other types of tissue allograft. Has had national & international experience in policy setting (see table) & a number of key advisory roles for the English Department of Health Transplant Policy Unit & Human Tissue Authority. She has about 96 published papers, edited volumes including being the lead editor of a multinational book in Tissue Donation (published 2009) & 13 chapters & over 100 abstracts.

Activities/posts in other international/national professional associations

Immediate Past President of both the British Association for Tissue Banking (BATB) & European Association of Tissue Banks EATB) & member AATB

From To Position Committee / Group
1995 2001 Chair NIBSC/UK Blood Services Tissues Advisory Committee
1996 1998 Chair BATB Medical Special Interest Group
1997 2004 Member/secretary UK Bone Marrow Registries Advisory Committee
1998 2001 Member NIBSC Steering Group for Tissues & Cells
1999 2001 Consultant Council of Europe Expert Group on Organs Tissues & Cells
1999 2002 Member BATB Executive Committee
1999 2002 Tissues Expert MSBT Guidance Committee
2003 2005 Member DOH Economic Operational Research Committee for vCJD tissue risk assessments
2003 2003 Member DOH Group undertaking option appraisal for milk banking
2003 2005 Member DOH Transplant Policy Collaborative for EC Directive
2004 2007 Member MSBT subcommittee for Tissues & Cells
2004 2006 Tissue policy advisor Management Committee of UK Stem Cell Bank, NIBSC
2004 2005 Member HTA Codes of Practice Working Group
2005 2007 Member Royal College of Pathologists Tissue Advisory Group
2006 2008 President British Association of Tissue Banks
2007 2008 Chairman EC CEN Workshop on Coding & Traceability of Tissues & Cells
2007 2009 President EATB
2008 28/05 Chair DH Stakeholder Workshop on Cord blood banking in the UK: An international comparison of policy & practice
Also one of the DH one to one interviewees representing UK stakeholders
2008 2008 Overall Organiser EATB/BATB/AATB Joint International Congress for November 2008.
2008 2008 Member Clinical sub-group of the UK Working Group of the Organ Donation Taskforce considering opt out & presumed consent
2009 2009 Member AATB Taskforce identifying, investigating & reporting recipient adverse reactions

DOH English Department of Health, NIBSC National Institute for Biological Standards & Controls, MSBT Committee on Microbiological Safety of Blood & Tissues, HTA Human Tissue Authority