What does the EATB do?


EATB is a not-for-profit scientific association, aiming at supporting and promoting science, research and teaching in the field of tissue and cell banking and in related sciences internationally and especially in Europe.

EATB has about 240 members from 30 countries worldwide and is administrated with the support of a professional association management office (Vienna Medical Academy, www.medacad.org) based in Vienna.

EATB’s task in tissue and cell banking (comprising donation, organization/coordination of procurement, processing, storage, quality control, quality assurance and distribution) are:

  • promoting of research and knowledge dissemination in the field
  • organizing of conferences, symposia and meetings
  • organizing and promoting courses and workshops
  • establishing and presenting awards
  • supporting editorship of international specialized journal
  • promoting scientific and technical knowledge concerning procurement, processing, storage, transplantation of tissues and cells for clinical and research purposes
  • assisting competent authorities and other regulatory bodies by the implementation of new or revised laws, guidelines and directives on a national, European and/or global level
  • establishing, updating and issuing acknowledged medical guidelines and standards in the field

For further information about EATB membership e.g.benefits, membership options & EATB grants, please see MEMBERSHIP area.