Permanent Scientific Committee

The EATB Permanent Scientific Committee consists of three very prominent doctors who all have a distinguished career in tissue banking:


Dr  Artur Marek Kaminski, MD, PhD

Graduated from Ist Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland.
PhD thesis and habilitation at the Medical University of Warsaw.Specialist in general surgery and cranio-maxillo-facial surgery.Involved in tissue banking for 25 years.Head of the Department of Transplantology and Central Tissue Bank at the Medical University of Warsaw.Director of the National Centre of Tissue and Cell Banking, which is a Competent Authority for tissues and cells in Poland.


Dr Hilda Beele

Graduated from the Ghent University (Belgium). Research Assistant of the Belgian National Foundation for Scientific Research, medical director of the centralised Tissue Bank of the Ghent University Hospital. Head of Dept. of the Wound Care Center, the multidisciplinary in- and out-patient ulcer clinic of the Ghent University Hospital. She is also president of EduWond. Professor at the Ghent University (2000). she is nvolved in the education of wound healing, tissue banking and regenerative medicine for nurses and students in medical and biomedical sciences. Her topics of research are mainly clinical (e.g. wound treatment; patient education.)


Dr Axel Pruss

Graduated from Humboldt Univeristy Berlin. Involved in tissue banking for 20 years. Special interests include Virus inactivation in bone tissue transplants, Inactivation of non-viral micro-organisms in tissue transplants and Allografts in ventro-dorsal fusion operations. Editorial Board Journal ´Cell and Tissue Banking´.Worked at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine University Clinics Charité Berlin and became Specialist for Transfusion Medicine and assistant medical director (1996) and Head of the departments Immunohematology and Tissue Bank


The main tasks undertaken by the Scientific committee include:

  • provide scientific support for annual EATB congress (including abstract evaluation/ scientific program setup with main topics/ awarding committee)
  • defining guidelines for EATB congresses (awarding/prizes/free papers)
  • preparing official scientific comments of EATB (on request of Board)
  • scientific collaboration with different journals (e.g. Cell and Tissue Banking Journal)
  • scientific collaboration with other tissue banking- related scientific associations
  • giving advice on honorary membership