Published: 21 September 2018


Elections 2018 of Board Officers of the European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) for 2018 - 2020

Dear Member of EATB,

You are invited to participate in the online voting on the new board members for the EATB board positions advertised. The following Board positions are open for election*:

  • · President Elect
  • · General Secretary
  • · Treasurer
  • · Minute Secretary

Published: 30 November 2017

Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes,causing fever & severe joint pain. The disease mostly occurs in Africa, Asia & the Indian subcontinent and more recently in countries in US.

Published: 20 July 2017

The 26th EATB Congress 2017 took place 18-20th October 2017 and was extremely successful. You can view congress report,  program, abstracts & presentations on Meetings section

Published: 20 July 2017

The World Congress was held in conjunction with 41st AATB Annual Meeting October 3 -6th 2017in Orlando, Florida.


Published: 20 July 2017

The new 3rd edition of the EDQM "Guide to the quality & safety of tissues & cells for human application" is due to be released Autumn 2017

Published: 20 July 2017

According to EU Directive 2015/565 all tissue and cell products processed and stored after 29th April 2017 need to fulfill the requirements on the application of the SEC.